Get rid of unwanted weight effortlessly and permanently
the natural way - using the power of hypnosis

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Hypnosis, Change Bad Habits, Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Naturally

Hypnosis is your "golden key" to unlocking your ideal body shape and size!

Even if every other weight loss program has failed, hypnosis will work because it uses
the one area other programs neglect - your sub-conscious mind!

Imagine yourself at your ideal size and shape... Now, imagine knowing you slimmed down
and became fit using the power of your own mind through hypnosis...

Feel it. Picture it. Do it. It IS possible. This program will guide you every step of the way.

A letter from

Allan Fullerton, Cht

Certified Hypnotherapist & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner


Re: How I can help you Release Weight and get fit using this on-line hypnosis program.

It will work for you just as it has worked for thousands of others in my live seminars and at-home audio tapes over the past 14 years. They have become thinner, healthier, and kept the weight off!

Dear Friend,

If you have made the decision that now is a good time to get rid of some - or all - of your excess weight, you've come to the right Web site.

Using the powerful and proven methods of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), you can reprogram your mind and body to release weight effortlessly and permanently!

Furthermore, unlike other methods that you may have tried before, this method will help you change your eating and exercise habits virtually instantly... with no anxiety, no food withdrawals, and without switching from eating to some other unsupportive habit!

This is a proven system with a strong track record of success. Our trained and certified hypno-therapists and NLP practitioners have conducted over 1,000 seminars in more than 50 cities throughout the U.S.. Personally, I've guided over 10,000 people to change their destructive health and eating patterns (and to stop smoking, instantly) since I started conducting Release Weight Seminars in 1989. These proven techniques have worked for thousands of others... they will work for you.

Here is what you can expect:

Using our powerful hypnosis based audio program and on-line "Release Weight" course, you will get rid of unwanted weight, keep the weight off, increase your confidence, look better naked, and feel better or I will personally refund every penny you invest into this program.

"After the seminar, I just ate less food. I drank more water and began to lose weight without extra exercise. I can hardly believe that a few key changes in habit have created such profound results. I've lost 15 pounds in four weeks and its been easy!"

   Carolyn Ottinger, Dallas, TX

Hypnosis provides you a way to tap into the power of your own unconscious mind to


Let me give you a powerful secret for free. This one piece of information could change your life right now. I figure if you understand just this one thing, then you'll "get" how valuable this program is right away, and why you'll want to take advantage of it immediately.

Don't think of an elephant.

If you're like most people, you just thought of an elephant. You read the "don't" part, but your SUB-CONSCIOUS mind responded far too fast to the "think of an elephant" part for your conscious mind to beat it to the punch. Your sub-conscious mind is a powerful thing.

You might have noticed that I haven't used the words "lose weight" until now. I certainly know that when you describe what you want to do, you say: "I want to lose weight." And there are thousands of products and programs out there that claim to help you "lose weight." THOSE ARE THE WORDS THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR, AND TO THINK.


Think about what happens when you lose your wallet, or your car keys.

You want to FIND them, get them back, and KEEP them. They're YOURS! When you lose them, you feel "at a loss."

So what happens when you "lose" weight?

Exactly the same thing!

Your sub-conscious mind wants to find that "lost" weight, get it back, and keep it. To your sub-conscious mind, a loss is a loss. As silly as it sounds, your sub-conscious mind doesn't know the difference between losing your car keys and losing weight - and it will compel you to get whatever you lose (including your weight) back.

"Weight loss" programs want you to think that losing weight is difficult and takes a long time and that you need a lot of their support. "Weight loss" products want you to become happy and hopeful because they work a little - or for a little while. These products and programs want your sub-conscious mind to keep "losing" weight, so that when you find it and get it back again, you come back to them. Weight-loss products and programs do work - for the people who sell them.

"After I turned 40, my slim figure wasn't so slim. It takes effort to keep fit. After the hypnosis session, I noticed I ate less and lost weight. How simple! I've lost the 10 pounds I was worried about. This was easy."  

Bonita Bastardo, Valley Ranch, TX


Ready to experience hypnosis for yourself? Click here to enroll risk free.



Hypnosis and NLP are two powerful, proven programs that tap into the power of the sub-conscious mind.

You CAN change your sub-conscious mind. You can "re-program" it to help you release your weight. You can re-program it to help you change your eating patterns. You can re-program it to help you want to exercise, to enjoy it, and to love the results. You can re-program it to do all of this without transferring your unsupportive habits of excessive eating and too little exercising to other "negative" habits.

When you use my two-part "Release Weight" program, you'll immediately begin to eat "the natural way," eating only the foods your body needs in only the amounts that it needs to have and maintain a healthy weight.


Obviously, you can't get rid of all of your weight instantly. It took time to pack it on, it will take time to release it.

Some people try to get rid of weight instantly using liposuction and surgery. But even liposuction isn't necessarily permanent. The machine can suck out the fat. But if your sub-conscious mind is uncomfortable with the "new you" because you are now so unfamiliar to yourself, it will do everything in its power to try to get you to get the weight back. You must address and change the "root cause."

Just changing the symptoms will not get you the permanent sexy figure you desire.

You can, however, change your MIND at the deepest most powerful mental levels. When you do, releasing the weight becomes effortless - even fun - and it feels natural.

The truth is this... using these "mental programming techniques" you can change your mind and change your thought patterns in less than two hours, just like thousands of others have.

The result? You release weight effortlessly and keep it off, permanently.


Sure. I'm not saying that products and programs are bad. I'm simply saying that WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF YOUR SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND, products and programs are either less effective than they could be or - at worst - totally ineffective.

Any doctor will tell you that a sound nutritional and exercise program will "speed up" the positive results. I'm a big fan of eating right and working out. However, after fourteen years working with clients like you, I realize you might not be one of those people that loves to work out and has lots of extra time to eat healthy every meal.

If you can't afford a personal trainer to coach to watch over you every minute of the day (fix your meals, count your calories, and drag you to the gym), then you need this "hypnosis program" to turn your "lazy brain" into your own "success coach." That way, you will want to support your good habits and stop sabotaging your own success.

But here's the thing: When you change your sub-conscious mind and your habits through this program, you'll discover that you don't need anything else to help you get rid of weight and keep it off. Your mind and good habits are plenty. I just don't think that you should be spending so much of your hard-earned money and precious time on what's not working.

So I've designed the "Release Weight" program to be ALL YOU NEED. There's plenty of evidence that proves this. I'd like to think that I can save you lots of time and plenty of money by giving you the tools that allow you to release weight PLUS release yourself from all the other "weight loss" products and programs. But you can make your own decision.

Try my "Release Weight" method whether you're using anything else or not right now.

Click here to get started risk free.

"I've already lost 24 pounds and my weight is still dropping. This is the easiest program I've ever been on because my brain 'wants to be successful.'
I recommend this to anyone!"

 Robert M. Stapleton, Mission Hills, CA



Because of the unique advances in technology, you can begin the process of releasing weight forever without ever leaving your home. We have uploaded the entire "Release Weight" course on the Internet for you to download or listen to online at your leisure.

In addition to the two separate audio soundtracks that walk you through the process of guided visual imagery (hypnosis) that you can use all by yourself, immediately, you'll also get the e-book pictured on the right side of your screen - "Release Weight the Natural Way" - as my free gift to you.

Both the Book and the Hypnosis/NLP Release Weight Course will be available to you both on-line and as downloadable files for use on your personal computer using a password we provide to you once your enrollment has been processed. (This usually takes less than 12 hours.) All you need to gain access to the entire course is a Real Audio Player, which is a free downloadable software and runs on any computer.

Lose Weight the Natural Way Using Hypnosis

Enroll Me Now!


Again, if you enroll now you get:

1. The entire on-line hypnosis course, plus

2. The"Release Weight" hypnosis audio program, plus

3. The "General Hypnosis" Session audio program for you to improve other areas of your life (such as reducing stress, building confidence, and more), plus

 4. The "Release Weight the Natural Way" e-book (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) as my free gift to you...

Click on image above to enlarge.

ALL for the low price of just $49.97.


Plus, you get my 100% written satisfaction guarantee. You WILL get rid of weight AND end the loss/gain cycle by using my "Release Weight" program. I'm absolutely sure that if you use this program exactly as it's designed, it will work for you. So sure that if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back.

If you have other questions that are not covered here, please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

To enroll on-line, right now, simply CLICK HERE or press the "Order Now" button above.

Remember, in order to gain instant access to the on-line hypnosis program, you must enroll on-line using our secure credit card shopping cart. The system is totally automated to provide you maximum security and instant access!



Allan Fullerton

P.S. Remember, as part of your program, as my gift to you you'll be receiving the ground breaking Book "Lose Weight The Natural Way" In it, I describe the exact psychological process it takes to change your eating habits, motivational strategies, and help you lose weight using the power of your own mind. I encourage you to read it, and to pass it along to others. Why weight?

PS. These audio programs are just as compelling and effective as my live seminars. What's more, you have a money back guarantee. Please enroll today using the on-line enrollment form and receive your free bonuses.

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Read on only if you need more evidence that this program will work for you.



If you haven't already decided to enroll, you're possibly thinking: "I'VE TRIED LOTS OF WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT THAT HAVEN'T WORKED.This program probably won't work, either."

AHA! That's your sub-conscious mind at work. If you try your hardest but you're sub-conscious mind is expecting to fail, it will work to sabotage you. If you want to change the outcome, you have to change your expectations! You can't "pretend" you want to succeed. You've got to want it in your heart, your body, and every part of your mind.

When your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind want the same thing - for you to release your excess weight forever and enjoy your "new" body when you do - then you can get thinner more quickly and easily keep the weight off - PERMANENTLY. That's the crux of the "Release Weight" program.

I help you take that powerful part of your mind that can cause you to fail and TURN IT AROUND so that it can just as easily CAUSE YOU TO SUCCEED. I can't say it enough. Other programs are designed to get you to change your habits or to get your body to change without changing your sub-conscious thoughts. So even if they work a little - or a lot - for a while, you "lose" the weight but your sub-conscious mind remains unchanged. That's why you've experienced the vicious cycle of weight "loss" only to be followed by gaining it all back (and sometimes even more...).

But you WILL get rid of weight AND end the loss/gain cycle by using my "Release Weight" program. I'm absolutely sure that if you use this program exactly as it's designed, it will work for you. So sure that if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back.



I want you to read the true testimonials of others, just like you, that have found success. We've worked with people ages 13 - 93 who wanted to release weight - and they've been successful. This can work for YOU, too!


"It works. I'm releasing weight and feeling better!"   Jan Nadi Jones, Syracuse NY

"I've lost 21 pounds since starting. I'm drinking more water and enjoying healthy food for the first time in my life!"   Vicky Clarke, Denver, CO

Your FREE Bonuses

Often, website owers (like me) offer bonuses as an incentive to you - a way to enourage you during that final moment in your buying decision when you are wavering between a "maybe" and a "yes." But I'm so confident in the effectiveness and value of my "Natural Weight Loss Through Hypnosis" program and so sure that you'll get more than you bargained for when you use it that for the first time ever I considered not offering a bonus. Then I realized that the bonus didn't need to be an incentive, it could just be a FREE BONUS - a "thank you" for being my valued customer. So here it is!

When you buy the RELEASE WEIGHT course today, you'll also receive, at NO addtional charge, the following three downloadable audio files from master therapist and hypnotist Robert Siegal:

Lose Weight        Increase Confidence        Be Relaxed

That's right. You'll receive these three guided imagery audio files absolutely FREE as my thank you gift for your purchase. You'll be getting two weight reduction hypnosis programs for the price of one, plus two hypnosis programs that will enhance your personal and professional life in unimaged ways.

And my 100% money-back guarantee on your Release Weight course still stands. if you use this program exactly as it's designed, it will work for you. If it doesn't, I'll give you your money back. And no matter what, you'll get to keep the three bonus audio files as my thank you gift. So WEIGHT NO MORE!

Click here to download the program now and get your free bonus audio files, too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

PLEASE NOTE: After purchasing, you will receive your
and password via e-mail.

Most of your questions will be answered online. Please start there.
But if after you read our FAQs and Customer Service
pages and you still need to talk to someone about the "Release Weight Course, please call Customer Service at 1-800-298-2278

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